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Giga Torque GX

Giga Torque GX

Giga Torque GX uses a high hardness and flexible carbon fiber cord, in pursuit of strength and flexibility.

We are able to make the belt width compact and the results from saving space, light weight and low noise, is expected to improve the performance of machinery and equipment. Furthermore, this is not limited to timing belt applications, but the scope can also be expanded to chain drive applications.



   Benefits of Using Giga Torque GX

High Transmission Capacity

With its high transmission capacity, it will be able to narrow the width in the same conditions as a conventional belt. As a result, it is possible to use a light weight pulley, thereby reducing noise and saving space.


High Tensile Strength

By using the carbon cord, the initial tension can be set lower due to less tension decay. Also from suppressing the elongation of the belt, it’s possible to prevent pitch gap and greatly improves durability.


   Comparison of Giga Torque GX and Metal Chain

  Giga Torque Metal Chain Note
Transmission efficiency Belt has little energy loss
Shock resistance Because the belt has elastic body, it can absorb shock
Noise・Vibration 5dB-10dB reduction
Adaption Range of Number Revolutions Adaptable from low to high speeds
System weight Belt has advantage at times of high speed revolution

Oiling not required, maintenance free


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